Laceby House


Laceby House One of our young people who was previously at risk of CCE, drug use, and alcohol misuse is now safe and has no issues in those areas. Has ASD diagnosis and staff have worked around this to provide sensory items in the home and use to calm and reduce anxiety. Previously [...]

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Fairfield Recently our young people have engaged in number of activities including swimming, horse riding and planning a charity event. More notably, the young people have enjoyed a day at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, where they spent the day riding on many rides, such as the Pepsi Max and the Iron Bru Revolution. The [...]

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Staff Vacancies


Staff Vacancies Are you looking for an exciting and rewarding career working with young people with learning disabilities and social emotional and behavioral difficulties? Due to continued growth we have full time vacancies for shift leaders, senior residential care professionals and residential care professionals situated within our 8 homes in Lancaster, Garstang, Preston, [...]

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