Laceby House

One of our young people who was previously at risk of CCE, drug use, and alcohol misuse is now safe and has no issues in those areas. Has ASD diagnosis and staff have worked around this to provide sensory items in the home and use to calm and reduce anxiety. Previously had no regular education setting (now aged 12) and is engaging in tutoring and will soon be on a 16 hours per week education placement.

One of the young people who was previously engaging in risk taking behaviours in the community,  has now had no missing from home, no issues with older peers, reduced control and anger issues, now on plan to return to Foster care within 3 months due to the progress he has made.

professionals compliments:

N Purcell (REAL education head teacher; Nottingham)

“I would like to thank you for the support in getting his education package together. You have been brilliantly pro-active in supporting me to source a suitable education package, which is difficult for me to do independently due to the distance I have to travel. I believe the new provider you have sourced will be brilliant for him and I think you have found a great provision for us.

Can I also add that it has been lovely to see how settled he seems and your staff talk so fondly about him. During my last 2 visits I have been impressed to see how quickly your staff have built relationships, how much you have understood him and how you have taken on board advice from professionals and his mother about his sensory needs.  Your dedication to getting him into a good routine and meeting his needs is excellent and I can honestly say I have rarely seen such commitment form a care home.

Can you also thank your staff who, on both occasions, have been welcoming and displayed professional and a caring approach to working with my YP.  It is great to see him using his sense of humour and him choosing education as an incentive”