Recently our young people have engaged in number of activities including swimming, horse riding and planning a charity event. More notably, the young people have enjoyed a day at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, where they spent the day riding on many rides, such as the Pepsi Max and the Iron Bru Revolution. The young people said they really enjoyed their day and this was further improved by going on the rides with staff and building upon their relationships. The young people have also travelled to Wales, where they experienced bouncing on netted trampolines in a cave at Bounce Below. The young people really enjoyed this activity, with the highlight of the trip being the slides and mazes, which enabled them to play many games including “Hide and Seek” and “Tig”. The young people researched a number of stops on the route home, breaking up the journey stopping for ice cream and to explore castle ruins, where they took many pictures of their day.

Fairfield promotes regular hobbies and activities, such as swimming, golf, football clubs and cadets. Currently a young person attends weekly horse riding lessons and is now able to jump and ride independently. She thoroughly enjoys this, and particularly looks forward to half term, when she is able to spend a full day at the farm learning how to care for horses. She would like to be a vet when she is older and this experience has sought to provide her the drive and motivation to achieve this. Another young person is a keen football player and grabs each opportunity to practise that he can. During the half term breaks he regularly attends football training camp, in which he is coached by professional football players. To further support his interest, he often attends matches, where he cheers for his favourite team Manchester United. His proudest day was attending Old Trafford for a tour of the stadium and gaining behind the scenes knowledge of his team and idols.